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Many athletes will find times when they need to increase their calorific intake without increasing protein or fat. The hard gainer, struggling to put away extra solid food, and the competitive athlete who wishes to carb up share common ground here.
The problem is that although simple sugars may supply the extra calories, increased consumption of them often leads to the very same problems that exclude most solid foods as an option, -decreased appetite, nausea and digestive disorders.
Pro-Fuel is a carbohydrate product based on maltodextrin. Although complex, it has a high glycemic index score that indicates the ease with which it is digested, thereby overcoming perhaps the biggest hurdle for those who wish to add weight. If this is you, then adding Pro-Fuel to your protein shake will not only bump up the calories, it will also create a protein-sparing effect to augment muscle gain.
Any competitive athlete who is subject to extreme dietary variables, e.g. carb depletion, can benefit massively from using Pro-Fuel in the early stages of glycogen repletion.
Pro-Fuel, -when a complex solution is best!

(Amounts below are per 50grams) Energy:- 803kj/192kcal Protein:- 0.1g Fat:- 0g Carbohydrates:- 47.5g


CNP Pro-Fuel - 1.8 Kg
Maltodextrin which is derived from corn starch

Recommended Usage:

Mix 50g (2 scoops) of Pro-Fuel in 568ml (1 pint) of water. Take 4 to 6 times daily.

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