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If you are looking at ways to get more protein in to your daily diet then protein bars may be the answer. If you are following a healthy eating plan, our range of bars are an ideal treat that will not ruin all of that hard work. We stock a wide range of bars in a host of tasty flavours from brands such as Barebells, Carb Killas and Warrior Crunch.

Unlike traditional sweet snacks such as flapjacks and chocolate that carry a huge amount of sugar, protein bars are a much better choice as they are made from ingredients that are designed to help maintain and reach your diet, fitness and sporting goals. They are often a lower in fat and sugar but still give you the same great taste as conventional bars.

Protein bars carry many benefits, compared to shakes; bars offer a convenient and portable way of introducing more protein in to your diet. You can carry them in you sports bag or store them in your locker and call upon them as and when needed unlike shakes which are often messy and hard to consume while on the go.

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