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Snickers Protein White Choc

Snickers Protein White Choc



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The brand NEW Snickers White Chocolate Flavour Protein Bar is here! No it's not a dream, this is real. You can now enjoy the well known flavour of Snickers, a delicious combination of caramel and nuts but with a white chocolate coating and a whopping 20g of protein! This protein bar is not to be missed! If you love white chocolate and snickers, you will love this.

They’re like regular Mars and Snickers bars, but specifically designed to be a gym snack.
So instead of the nougat-y bit, it’s a protein-packed nougat. 18g of protein, to be exact. They’re also each under 200 calories.

If you’re looking for a new and tasty way to enjoy protein in your diet, you’ll love this new Protein Bars! The new SNICKERS Protein is just 200 calories and has the nutritional profile you would expect from a leading Protein Bar but with all the great taste of your favourite confectionery brand. The SNICKERS Protein Bar is a delicious combination of nuts, caramel and chocolate with a soft nougaty centre containing 18g of protein. The individually wrapped SNICKERS Protein Bars can be easily slipped into any gym bag as a post work out snack. Protein Bars have been taking to a new level with the SNICKERS Protein Bar.


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