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Olimp MCT is a complex fatty acid of medium of plant origin. Occurs naturally in very limited quantities, and their main food source is coconut oil.

MCTs are completely metabolized by the liver to release energy, with no tendency to accumulation in the body as fat. Dietary fatty acid properties of MCT due to the fact that the gastrointestinal tract are absorbed directly into the portal vein, and their digestion, in contrast to other fatty acids is not necessary lipase and bile. Therefore, MCT is often used in disease of the body, which lead to impaired absorption of fats.

MCT fatty acids are absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly (as glucose), and the need to burn two times less oxygen than the other fatty acids. They are characterized by twice the energy of combustion (8.3 kcal / g) than carbohydrate or protein (4 kcal / g), which results in increased thermogenesis (temperature increase). Very rapid absorption and conversion of MCT oil can save the muscle glycogen stores during sports training. MCT fatty acids also slows the body's motor complex, which prolongs the mucosal contact time of food, and thus improves its absorption. It was concluded beneficial effect of MCT oil absorption of vitamin E, calcium and magnesium. MCT oil does not raise the level of total cholesterol in the blood, and regulates the mutual quantitative contribution of each of its fractions, increasing contents of HDLwhile decreasing the fraction of bad.

A source of quick energy needed during exercise athletes and physically active people. A factor enhancing anabolic metabolism and catabolic processes limiting muscle mass Factor for fat reduction, A factor regulating blood cholesterol contribution of individual fractions.


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