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Instant Oats Unflavoured

Instant Oats Unflavoured



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Instant Oats are a fantastic source of low Glycaemic Index (GI) carbohydrates ideal for a sustained energy release.

Instant Oats are an extremely healthy source of carbohydrates as they provide a sustained flow of energy to the body. This makes them the ideal choice for anyone looking to boost their carbohydrate intake throughout the day. As a slowly absorbed form of carbohydrate, Instant Oats provide a less profound effect on blood sugar levels when compared to Dextrose or Maltodextrin. The ultra fine form makes them extremely convenient as they maintain all the nutrients and benefits of 'normal' oats, and they taste fantastic!

The versatility of Instant Oats allows you to add them to your existing supplement shake, consume them on their own or even add them to certain foods like yoghurt, smoothies and baked goods.

Suggested Use
Add 150ml-250ml of water or milk into our shaker (the less liquid the thicker the shake will be). Then add 2 heaped MP large scoops (100g), shake and consume. Use 1-3 times daily or as required.

1 x level MP Plastic Scoop (large) weighs 42g (not included).
Ground Oats, Cocoa Powder (chocolate flavour only), Flavouring (flavoured options only), Sweetener (Sucralose® [flavoured options only]), Colourings (Curcumin [banana flavour only], Beetroot Red [strawberry flavour only]).
Nutritional Information
Per 100g:
Energy: 388.0Kcal
Protein (dry basis): 8.5g
Carbohydrates: 70.7g
of which sugars: 0.8g
Fat: 7.9g
of which saturates: 1.3g
of which mono unsaturates: 3.3g
of which poly unsaturates: 3.3g
Dietary Fibre: 8.8g


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